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Bali leasehold villas for sale. Looking for a residence or investment – Call Us! Excel Property Bali has a broad selection of the best villas and land for sale.
A leasehold title indicates that you have the right to use the villa for a certain number of years. Leasehold rights are usually provided to tenants of both residential and industrial premises. Depending on the arrangement, it can be 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. Obtaining the lease of a villa is straightforward, with the lease being in the name of the tenants or lessee. After the lease ends, the asset goes back to the landowner. However, it is feasible to maintain extending the lease. The leasehold is paid in advance.

Most international investors acquire leasehold vacation villas. This is the most basic and also simplest means for foreigners to purchase a villa in Bali. Most of the leasehold villas give a 25 – to 30 years lease with an option to extend the lease in the future. This is 100% legal and safe.

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