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Second Home Visa
Bali & Indonesia

The so called Second Home Visa for Bali (Indonesia) is officially launched – and available by the end of 2022
Indonesia was planning to launch a long-term Visa for digital nomads and investors since several years and there have been numerous announcements when a “Digital Nomad Visa” would be available and what would be the conditions. As it looks now, with the conditions of “proof of funds” requiring a substantial amount of money, it would be misleading to call this Visa a Digital Nomad Visa.

On 25th of October 2022, the Directorate General of Immigration has passed a new decree (Circular Number IMI-0740.GR.01.01) and officially announced that the new Second Home Visa will be available by the end of 2022 (60days after the decree has been passed, effective 24th Dec 2022). This new Visa will not be called “Digital Nomad” Visa but Second Home Visa.

Second Home Visa

The aim is clear. Indonesia understands and values the contribution of foreigners living in Indonesia. Until now, there was no clear and easy path for foreigners to stay longer in Indonesia unless they applied for a Retirement Visa. It is logical to expect that in essence the Second Home Visa will at some point replace the Retirement Visa.

Second Home Visa to attract more foreigners living in Indonesia
“Towards the implementation of the G20 Summit, today we officially launched the Second Home Visa today. The aim is to attract foreign visitors to Bali and various other destinations” stated Pak Widodo Ekatjahjana, the Acting General of the Immigration.

This visa is also suitable for former Indonesian Citizens.

However, the “proof of funds” -requirement of USD 140,000 might come as a shock to young digital nomads who hoped, that the visa will be easy to get, allowing them to come to Bali, enjoy the life style, and work as a freelancer or remote worker without having to get the B211A Visa and keeping extending it.

Second Home Visa Requirements - FAQ


Announcement on Immigration Website (en)

Announcement on Immigration Website (id)

Decree IMI-0740.GR.01.01

Any information on this page is carefully researched. However we are not responsible nor liable for any information that might not be accurate or change.

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  • Pendeta Theodore
    November 29, 2022 3:00 am

    What happens to those of us who have been retired here for years, helped feed the Balinese all during the pandemic? Most of us don’t have the money to move from retirement Kitas to Second Home

  • What if I get this visa and than decide whilst living in Bali I want to buy or start a business let’s say restaurant for example?

    • My understanding is that you have 2 options. Set up a ” charity” business with a national and they are the front for your business. You risk the chance that they will take the business from you and you have no legal standing.
      The option that I know several expats has taken is to set up a company, costing over $20,000au that gives them the right to work and security. If you go down the path of being illegal you will be found.

  • Can you come and go with this visa ,also we own a property in BALI plus our home in Australia would this count towards the $140,000

  • Laurent Glassey
    November 29, 2022 9:08 am

    140K $ are you serious???
    Do you think bule will run to Indonesia at this price?? I don’t think so..
    I will continue to live as a farang in Thailand, it’s just around 10X easier and cheaper to stay here!
    Same as always in Indonesia, a lot of hope for just nothing!

  • My understanding of leasehold agreements is that once the lease expires the land AND property returns to the ownership of the Indonesian landowner. So how can we ‘own’ the property? I suppose at least that rule ensures that the funds stay in country..

  • Does the US140k have to be held in an Indonesian bank account or can it be in your home country.

  • I like a the requirements for this second home VISA. Especially the proof of $140K requirement. This ensures there’s “Quality” vs “Quantity” for those planning to live for extended periods of time there. We also purchased/leased a new villa worth $500K north of Ubud near Tegallalang 3 years ago so this second home VISA is great for us. We stopped going to several trendy cafes in Ubud because of cheap digital nomads that take up space, nurse a drink for several hours just to use the free WiFi. I feel for these businesses as real customers who come to dine can’t get a table because of these freeloaders.


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