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What exactly is Freehold’s title?

A Freehold title can be described as the most durable and most comprehensive title that is available. Bali freehold villas can only be bought by foreign investors or Indonesian legal entities controlled and owned by Indonesian citizens. If you are granted the KITAS (Residential Visa Permit) you are able to purchase 1 freehold property with the Hak Pakai (Right to use) structure.

What is Hak Pakai?

Hak Pakai can be described as the method that is approved by the government for foreigners to buy the exclusive rights to Hak Milik property that is registered as an additional certificate under the name of the foreign buyer. The title grants the owner the right to utilize the land, which includes (subject to the permit conditions) permission to build structures.

The Hak Pakai certificate is valid for the initial period of 25 years and is able to be renewed following that.

Bali Freehold Villa Listings

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