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The process from finding that small piece of paradise to turning the key on the door on your dream home or lucrative investment property can be a long one however the team at Excel have had close to 20 years’ experience in helping customers along this journey.

We have built long-trusted relationships with architects, contractors, interior designers, landscapers, lawyers, notaries, and local authorities.

So, whether it is a trendy modern clean-cut design, a charming property with a traditional touch, a high quality and stylish prefab home, Excel Real Estate Bali can point you in the right and most suitable direction.

Excel and our associates can guide you through all the following aspects of design and development.

  1. Select the best land option, price/location and m2. Visit on site with an architect and a builder/engineer.
  2. Engage the Architect:
    1. Concept drawings (floor plans, rough 3D)…according to your brief of your dream home.
    2. After concept layout is approvedstart the IMB drawings / building permit as a priority. At the same time the architecture design is carried on with more details, such as building specifications, sanitary ware, structure project…Second stage of the design start the MEP drawings and carry on with more architecture drawings as floor details, kitchen details, bathrooms details, doors & windows details…….. Last stage of the architecture drawings as external works, landscaping design and detail specific elements from the project, 3Ds…..
    3. Architecture completed, tender the project with at least 3 contractors. Tender as well with a MEP contractor!
  3. Engage the contractor and analyse the contract and construction period. Respective delay penalties from both parties! Builder insurance what will cover. The contract should be in Bahasa Indonesia and English. 3.1 – Discuss with architect supervision on site and Interior Design fees. Eventually engage a Project Manager.
    1. Landscaping to be discussed according to the design, might be handled on site by the architect or contractor.
    2. Construction price roughly per m2, between IDR 9-14 million, all depends on the materials, roofs structures and the building foundations.
    3. Interior Design estimated for all fit out and loose furniture (including the bedrooms, decorative lights, art work, bed linen, black outs, kitchenware, cutlery, glassware…)