Bali property and bali villas for sale - zoning topography land zoning checks and topographyLand Zoning Checks and Topography

Two key factors that form part of any due diligence process taken as part of a land acquisition or development project are Land Zoning checks and Topography reports completed on the land you intend to develop.

Zoning checks will ensure that you have the necessary building permits to allow development of the land for whatever purpose intended, these checks will ensure that the land can be developed for a certain purpose and that these permits can be obtained, Excel has many years’ experience in guiding our clients through this process and will walk you through this stage of the process with the support of our close associates in the legal and administrative fields.

Having a thorough understanding of the Topography of the Land you are intending to develop is a crucial first step before you put pen to paper to design that dream home or rental property.

A topography report will provide you with a detailed map of the land. It will include all natural and man-made features and show contours, dimensions and elevation changes. This information is invaluable to an architect or landscaper when getting the best results from the land and its surroundings